Our Travel Agents

With us being a family oriented travel agency, it’s also the family that runs it! Below you’ll get a small glimpse into who we really are!


Francisco and Melissa Ortiz

We’re Francisco and Melissa Ortiz, a couple of island loving people who love to see as much of the world’s beauty that it has to offer. We enjoy cruises, historic tours, good food, but most important good company! Large and small groups as well as solo vacations are our specialties. Let us help you book that dream vacation or wedding you’ve been planning!

“Come see the world with us!”

- Francisco and Melissa Ortiz


Justin Ortiz

I'm Justin, South Seas Travel LLC's Adventure vacation specialist. Whether you're looking for that dream European vacation around France and Italy, or you find yourself interested in a backpacking trip around Central and South America. I’ll help you see some of the oldest cities around the world! If it’s travel, food, and culture you seek. I can help make your dream a reality!


- Justin Ortiz